Merrill J. Reynolds, Jr.

Merrill J. Reynolds, Jr., is a banking expert who provides testimony and litigation support to attorneys representing financial institutions, businesses, and individual clients. Expert witness services include research and analysis of key issues, case strategy, opinions, depositions, and court testimony.

Mr. Reynolds’ expert witness experience includes consultations, depositions, and courtroom testimony. He has been retained as an expert on topics including bank lending practices, procedures, fraud, loan policy, construction risk management and standards of care in the banking industry. Mr. Reynolds has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants, in equal measure. His litigation support includes in-depth discovery assistance, regulatory research and analysis, commercially reasonable and standard banking practices, and assistance with questioning of opposing expert witness deposition.

A graduate of Southern Methodist University and The Southwestern Graduate School of Banking, Mr. Reynolds began his career as a safety and soundness examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. A 40+ year banking veteran, he has worked for both community and multi-bank holding companies in a wide range of lending, audit and managerial capacities. With a background in credit risk management, Mr. Reynolds has consulted for countless banks, bank holding companies, credit unions, mortgage companies and Farm Credit Associations. Mr. Reynolds has extensive experience in strategic planning, lending, lender liability, regulatory oversight, policies, procedures, and standards of banking practice.

Mr. Reynolds has educated thousands of bankers through various state and national banking organizations. Mr. Reynolds serves as a 16+ year faculty member of The Southwestern Graduate School of Banking and is a regular speaker for the Assembly for Bank Directors, the Bank CEO Network, the American Bankers Association and the Farm Credit Association. He has developed curriculum for countless courses on such topics as credit analysis, commercial lending, loan review, real estate, credit risk management and loan review. In addition, Mr. Reynolds has conducted training for numerous regulators.